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Neutering In San Francisco

Pit Bull Neutering In San Francisco

The neutering programs differ in different places. There is a neuter law in San Francisco that makes it easy to handle breeds like pit bulls, whether as strays or as pets in any neighborhood. The question pertaining to safety from this breed of animals often raises concern in societies. There have been fatal attacks by pit bulls for varying reasons that have caused panic in certain communities. With such incidences, questions have been raised as to whether pit bulls should be banned from society. However, supporters of this breed of an animal state that the animals are innocent and are capable of showing affection as well as high levels of loyalty. It is only when owners do not handle them well that is when such animals often get vicious. Those who have been victims of pit bull attacks state that these animals have an aggressive streak in them as well as physical strength that is phenomenal. Even if a pit bull is well trained, it can snap under challenging situations.


Neutering In San Francisco

Policy makers have to make the right decision as to what the responsibilities come on dog owners of such breed of animals. San Francisco formed a solution and since the year 2005, the city has a mandatory spay and neuter law since there was a mauling death incident of a 12-year-old child. Since the law has come into effect the need to impound or euthanize such a breed has come down by a large percentage.


Those who are associated with the animal control department state that, the law has made a lot of difference. Pit bulls were feared before such a law was made mandatory. Today pit bulls are no longer feared, but found to be loyal and loving companions. The shelters have also seen a drop in the percentage of such animals being seized or having to be put down. Hence, the dogs are seen to be calmer and more sociable after they are spayed and neutered. Such dogs in their altered state are well cared for and sociable. Also, the history of using pit bulls for fighting has attributed to the violent streak being encouraged by them.


San Francisco was able to get the law enforced easily. Today animal control officers will usually check a pit bull seen on the streets to ensure that they are spayed or neutered. The owner is then warned in case the spaying or neutering is not done.