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Why Neutering Dogs is Important

If the idea of making an animal sterile sounds awful to you, think about the millions of homeless pets in the US. In fact, there are around 6-8 million pets rendered homeless every year. What is really disheartening about this stat is that around half this number is euthanized every year since they don’t find an owner. Those that do secure an owner are lucky. But those that don’t could also have made loving pets and great companion, especially for old and lonely people. They could have contributed in their own little way to their handlers had the society taken care to take only neutered dogs as pets. In fact, you can save these loyal breeds of animals just by neutering your household pet.


Why Neutering Is Important

Among the homeless pets euthanized every year there are offspring of loving family pets and purebred too. If you, as a dog owner, take care to neuter your household dog you can ensure a safe society, end of cruelty to animals and more.


  • End of cruelty

Neutering makes sure that the animal is not able to give birth to its offspring. Not having an offspring itself can ensure that there is no addition to the list of homeless dogs. Neutering is all about making the dogs sterile so that these dogs cannot give birth. This is an efficient way of reducing the number of homeless dogs and saving these lovely pets from a cruel end.


  • Beneficial to society

Pet owners are encouraged to neuter their dogs since it is beneficial for dogs as well as society. It is beneficial for the society since neutered dogs can prevent the stray dog population from going beyond control. Moreover, stray dogs that are not neutered possess aggressive behavior which may be harmful to society at large.


  • A must for daycares and boarding

Most boarding facilities and doggy daycares don’t take dogs if they are not neutered. In fact, for most of these facilities neutered dog is a primary condition for extending facilities of daycare or boarding to the dogs.


  • Harmless

Some dog owners bear false notions about neutering their dogs. Such people need to know that the process of neutering is a harmless one for your pet. It does not affect it in any way apart from neutralizing its reproductive capacity. It does not affect the overall health of the dog. Moreover, it does not feel any pain. To conduct the procedure the vet would first anesthetize the dog and then only would remove its testicles. There is no bleeding resulting from the neutering procedure. The procedure is simple as is the healing process. You just need to take some aftercare measures after your pet has undergone the neutering process.


  • Enhances its lifespan

Neutered dogs usually have a longer lifespan as they can steer clear of risks like testicular cancer or cervical cancer. Moreover, these animals are easier to control. They show less aggression, defecation or urination compared to other dogs.