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Understanding The Nature Of Pit Bull Breeds

The Pit Bull, commonly known as the American Pit Bull Terrier, is a common dog breed. Such dogs have certain behavioral traits that often do not make them friendly at first glance. They are known to be aggressive, angry and vicious towards humans. However, these behavioral traits might be the outcome of poor training or keeping them in an oppressive environment. Those who have successfully trained pit bulls find them to be loyal and nice or even good around children.


If we look back to how pit bulls were bred, the original ancestors of this species go back to the 19th century. The dogs were originally bred for baiting bulls; when bulls were tied up and such dogs were made to attack them. When such a practice was banned, these breeds were then used for dogfighting. Dog owners took on such breed as pets for their loyalty, strength, and courage. They are known to not bite or attack their handler or owner.


American Pit Bull Terrier

There are several reports of violent crimes that have been committed by pit bull breeds. There was a report once about a woman being killed by a pit bull as well as having mauled terrier dogs to their death. However, those who are experienced owners of this breed state that such reports are misleading and not true about the behavioral traits of this breed.


Such dogs are intelligent and have a great nerve. They also tend to love people as opposed to certain views. With such know-how an owner of a pit bull breed needs to train their animal with a firm hand. They need to establish their superiority which is easily done as such breeds are eager to please their owners. When they are trained to be obedient as well as to guard a home, they will take on the responsibility well. Having them spayed or neutered would be a good way to ensure good behavior from such a pet. These are some points to remember if you are planning to get a pit bull breed as a pet. They can also be great companions for children.