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Aggressive Behavior Of Dogs

Effects Of Neutering On Aggressive Behavior Of Dogs

If you have a pit-bull, you are probably dealing with a dog that is an alpha by nature in its pack. Even if you have one as a domestic pet, an alpha dog exhibits certain behavioral traits. For instance, the other members of the pack take a more submissive stance to it. The same behavioral traits are seen among the coyotes and wolves that are pack animals. They usually have an alpha male as well as a female.


Aggressive Behavior Of DogsThe alpha dog usually rules with an iron fist figuratively and get first rights when it comes to breeding with females as well as in eating. Both alpha men and women dogs show confidence and control their body position, expressions and will snarl or nip at beta members if they need to be controlled.

Understanding these traits is important if you have an alpha pit-bull at home which needs to be trained. Usually, a dog will assume, in the absence of similar animals in the house, that the people pack will obey its directions. Hence, the master or owner of the pet needs to establish superiority through proper training to ensure that the pet pit-bull follows orders well.

When pit bulls are trained, they are taught to treat their owners as the alpha dog. That makes them subservient to the wishes of their masters. If there is more than one person in the home, everyone should take a superior position to the dog so that it learns to respect the wishes and commands of everyone in the family. Every dog will identify the people in a home to be part of the pack that it belongs to and the main owner or master would be its alpha to obey.

If you have a pit-bull that seems to exhibit behavioral problems, this could be because it has not been trained and convinced to obey its human master. Addition to training, a pit-bull neutered will also be easier to train and manage. This helps to cut down on testosterone levels due to which the natural instincts of dogs to mark their territory as well as to breed lessens. That makes them more submissive. The best benefits are obtained when a dog is nurtured in the first year itself.

If you have not neutered your pit-bull yet and face aggressive behavioral symptoms from him, you can consult your vet about getting your pet neutered. Also, continue with the right training with a firm hand to see results.