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Why Neutering Dogs is Important

If the idea of making an animal sterile sounds awful to you, think about the millions of homeless pets in the US. In fact, there are around 6-8 million pets rendered homeless every year. What is really disheartening about this stat is that around half this number is euthanized every year since they don’t find an owner. Those that do secure an owner are lucky. But those that don’t could also have made loving pets and great companion, especially for old and lonely people. They could have contributed in their own little way to their handlers had the society taken care to take only neutered dogs as pets. In fact, you can save these loyal breeds of animals just by neutering your household pet.


Why Neutering Is Important

Among the homeless pets euthanized every year there are offspring of loving family pets and purebred too. If you, as a dog owner, take care to neuter your household dog you can ensure a safe society, end of cruelty to animals and more.


  • End of cruelty

Neutering makes sure that the animal is not able to give birth to its offspring. Not having an offspring itself can ensure that there is no addition to the list of homeless dogs. Neutering is all about making the dogs sterile so that these dogs cannot give birth. This is an efficient way of reducing the number of homeless dogs and saving these lovely pets from a cruel end.


  • Beneficial to society

Pet owners are encouraged to neuter their dogs since it is beneficial for dogs as well as society. It is beneficial for the society since neutered dogs can prevent the stray dog population from going beyond control. Moreover, stray dogs that are not neutered possess aggressive behavior which may be harmful to society at large.


  • A must for daycares and boarding

Most boarding facilities and doggy daycares don’t take dogs if they are not neutered. In fact, for most of these facilities neutered dog is a primary condition for extending facilities of daycare or boarding to the dogs.


  • Harmless

Some dog owners bear false notions about neutering their dogs. Such people need to know that the process of neutering is a harmless one for your pet. It does not affect it in any way apart from neutralizing its reproductive capacity. It does not affect the overall health of the dog. Moreover, it does not feel any pain. To conduct the procedure the vet would first anesthetize the dog and then only would remove its testicles. There is no bleeding resulting from the neutering procedure. The procedure is simple as is the healing process. You just need to take some aftercare measures after your pet has undergone the neutering process.


  • Enhances its lifespan

Neutered dogs usually have a longer lifespan as they can steer clear of risks like testicular cancer or cervical cancer. Moreover, these animals are easier to control. They show less aggression, defecation or urination compared to other dogs.



Understanding The Nature Of Pit Bull Breeds

The Pit Bull, commonly known as the American Pit Bull Terrier, is a common dog breed. Such dogs have certain behavioral traits that often do not make them friendly at first glance. They are known to be aggressive, angry and vicious towards humans. However, these behavioral traits might be the outcome of poor training or keeping them in an oppressive environment. Those who have successfully trained pit bulls find them to be loyal and nice or even good around children.


If we look back to how pit bulls were bred, the original ancestors of this species go back to the 19th century. The dogs were originally bred for baiting bulls; when bulls were tied up and such dogs were made to attack them. When such a practice was banned, these breeds were then used for dogfighting. Dog owners took on such breed as pets for their loyalty, strength, and courage. They are known to not bite or attack their handler or owner.


American Pit Bull Terrier

There are several reports of violent crimes that have been committed by pit bull breeds. There was a report once about a woman being killed by a pit bull as well as having mauled terrier dogs to their death. However, those who are experienced owners of this breed state that such reports are misleading and not true about the behavioral traits of this breed.


Such dogs are intelligent and have a great nerve. They also tend to love people as opposed to certain views. With such know-how an owner of a pit bull breed needs to train their animal with a firm hand. They need to establish their superiority which is easily done as such breeds are eager to please their owners. When they are trained to be obedient as well as to guard a home, they will take on the responsibility well. Having them spayed or neutered would be a good way to ensure good behavior from such a pet. These are some points to remember if you are planning to get a pit bull breed as a pet. They can also be great companions for children.


Spaying Or Neutering

Is Spaying Or Neutering Good For Your Pet?

Pet owners are often encouraged to spay or neuter the dogs they own. This idea is often beneficial, not only for owners and their pet but for the society as well. When your dog is sterilized, you help prevent the population of such animals from going beyond control. It also helps control the aggressive behavior of many dogs.

What it involves?

Many dog owners are concerned about the well being of their pet and whether such a process will hurt or affect their pet’s natural instincts. However, the process followed in spaying or neutering usually is a harmless one that does not affect your pet. It also will not affect their overall health after the procedure is done. Vets first anesthetize the animals by removing their reproductive organs or testicles. This prevents any bleeding from occurring. The procedure is a simple one and so is the healing process. Pet owners are usually advised certain after care measures to take up after their pet undergoes the neutering process.

Spaying Or Neutering

How is your pet’s health affected?

Contrary to the concerns that pet owners often voice about spaying or neutering their pet animal, such a surgical procedure is beneficial for animals. It helps to increase the lifespan of a dog as well as reducing the risk of them contracting reproductive cancer like testicular or cervical cancer. It also helps the owner of the dog as such animals are easier to control. They showcase less behavioral problems like aggression, roaming, defecation or urination that is inappropriate. Pet owners who have experienced dogs in heat have undergone several erratic behavior patterns such as marking their territory with urine or pungent hormones, attracting male followers and others. I had a friend that had a pit bull that used to spray everywhere and after having Bruno neutered, it completely stopped this behavior. Animals that are sterilized usually are better behaved, comfortable around children and easy to handle as well.

You might live in an area where dogs need to be altered as per community norms. Such communities also have free programs for spaying or neutering pets for the members. Some places make it mandatory as pet licenses are issued on such norms being followed. Pets that are not neutered might not be welcome in boarding facilities as well as in dog parks. Socially you might find it difficult to get your pet to behave around visitors if they are not spayed or neutered.

For the above reasons, it makes sense to get your pet dog neutered as soon as the vet advises. Unless you are a dog breeder, you do not want your dog harassing other pet dogs in your community or area or showcasing erratic behavior. Also, with the increasing population of animals in societies which often end up in shelters which have less space to accommodate stray animals, it is necessary that pet owners take up such responsibility.

Neutering In San Francisco

Pit Bull Neutering In San Francisco

The neutering programs differ in different places. There is a neuter law in San Francisco that makes it easy to handle breeds like pit bulls, whether as strays or as pets in any neighborhood. The question pertaining to safety from this breed of animals often raises concern in societies. There have been fatal attacks by pit bulls for varying reasons that have caused panic in certain communities. With such incidences, questions have been raised as to whether pit bulls should be banned from society. However, supporters of this breed of an animal state that the animals are innocent and are capable of showing affection as well as high levels of loyalty. It is only when owners do not handle them well that is when such animals often get vicious. Those who have been victims of pit bull attacks state that these animals have an aggressive streak in them as well as physical strength that is phenomenal. Even if a pit bull is well trained, it can snap under challenging situations.


Neutering In San Francisco

Policy makers have to make the right decision as to what the responsibilities come on dog owners of such breed of animals. San Francisco formed a solution and since the year 2005, the city has a mandatory spay and neuter law since there was a mauling death incident of a 12-year-old child. Since the law has come into effect the need to impound or euthanize such a breed has come down by a large percentage.


Those who are associated with the animal control department state that, the law has made a lot of difference. Pit bulls were feared before such a law was made mandatory. Today pit bulls are no longer feared, but found to be loyal and loving companions. The shelters have also seen a drop in the percentage of such animals being seized or having to be put down. Hence, the dogs are seen to be calmer and more sociable after they are spayed and neutered. Such dogs in their altered state are well cared for and sociable. Also, the history of using pit bulls for fighting has attributed to the violent streak being encouraged by them.


San Francisco was able to get the law enforced easily. Today animal control officers will usually check a pit bull seen on the streets to ensure that they are spayed or neutered. The owner is then warned in case the spaying or neutering is not done.

Aggressive Behavior Of Dogs

Effects Of Neutering On Aggressive Behavior Of Dogs

If you have a pit-bull, you are probably dealing with a dog that is an alpha by nature in its pack. Even if you have one as a domestic pet, an alpha dog exhibits certain behavioral traits. For instance, the other members of the pack take a more submissive stance to it. The same behavioral traits are seen among the coyotes and wolves that are pack animals. They usually have an alpha male as well as a female.


Aggressive Behavior Of DogsThe alpha dog usually rules with an iron fist figuratively and get first rights when it comes to breeding with females as well as in eating. Both alpha men and women dogs show confidence and control their body position, expressions and will snarl or nip at beta members if they need to be controlled.

Understanding these traits is important if you have an alpha pit-bull at home which needs to be trained. Usually, a dog will assume, in the absence of similar animals in the house, that the people pack will obey its directions. Hence, the master or owner of the pet needs to establish superiority through proper training to ensure that the pet pit-bull follows orders well.

When pit bulls are trained, they are taught to treat their owners as the alpha dog. That makes them subservient to the wishes of their masters. If there is more than one person in the home, everyone should take a superior position to the dog so that it learns to respect the wishes and commands of everyone in the family. Every dog will identify the people in a home to be part of the pack that it belongs to and the main owner or master would be its alpha to obey.

If you have a pit-bull that seems to exhibit behavioral problems, this could be because it has not been trained and convinced to obey its human master. Addition to training, a pit-bull neutered will also be easier to train and manage. This helps to cut down on testosterone levels due to which the natural instincts of dogs to mark their territory as well as to breed lessens. That makes them more submissive. The best benefits are obtained when a dog is nurtured in the first year itself.

If you have not neutered your pit-bull yet and face aggressive behavioral symptoms from him, you can consult your vet about getting your pet neutered. Also, continue with the right training with a firm hand to see results.